Menu Plan Monday ~ September 8 – 14

Breakfast Crockpot Oatmeal Homemade instant oatmeal packets Yogurt parfaits Breakfast burritos Eggs, toast Blueberry pancakes, bacon

Lunch Dinner leftovers Tuna pasta salad, tomato wedges, fruit Chicken Quesadillas (using leftover grilled chicken) Chicken salad

Dinner Grilled chicken, potatoes, green beans Homemade pizza, green salad Spaghetti & meatballs, green salad Keep Reading

How to Prevent Head Lice in Children

hair side view

Dear Parents, This is to inform you that there has been a reported case of head lice in your child’s classroom…

If you have ever received this dreaded letter you know the panic it can bring. Panic…followed by the silent prayer…”Oh please don’t let my child get it”! Keep Reading

Menu Plan Monday ~ August 25 – 31

Another week, another menu plan. Only three weeks in and I’m LOVING meal planning! Not only am I calmer and less stressed as meal times roll around, but I’m also saving money at the grocery store. I love having a plan! Granted, so far the meal plan still Keep Reading

Natural Skin Care: Homemade Honey Face Wash for Acne Prone Skin

Use raw honey for the most benefits.

I thought that once I entered my forties, my fight with acne was over; boy was I wrong. As an adult, I have continued to fight intermittent breakouts that are both frustrating and embarrassing. While there are many companies that cater to the adult acne sufferer, I have Keep Reading

Pesto Salmon Recipe

salmon seasoned salt pepper

I absolutely love fish! Growing up, my dad would catch our fish and we always enjoyed it fried. Yummy, but artery clogging for sure. Before I began revamping our meals, my family rarely ate fish at home – eating seafood was usually reserved for special meals out. My Keep Reading

Best Fruits for Diabetics

apple close up

A few months ago, I went to my doctor for my annual physical. I knew before I stepped foot in her office that we’d be having a very frank discussion about my weight. What I wasn’t expecting however, was for the results of my blood Keep Reading

Menu Plan Monday ~ August 18 – 24

blueberries fruit

Ok, so week one of officially planning my menu was interesting to say the least. I realized that it really doesn’t work for us to plan to eat a certain meal on a specific night. So this week, I will be listing our Keep Reading

Menu Plan Monday ~ August 11 – 17

enchilada casserole

Every Monday, I will be posting my family’s meal plan for the upcoming week and including links to any online recipes I use. I truly believe that having a menu plan is one of the best ways to start improving health and also save a ton of money.These Keep Reading

Welcome to Cleaning Up the Family Table

Welcome to Cleaning Up the Family Table. I’m glad to have you here visiting my little corner of the internet. My name is Jennifer and my passion is improving the health and wellness of my family. My hope is that by sharing my family’s journey towards a healthier Keep Reading