Menu Plan Monday ~ August 25 – 31

Another week, another menu plan. Only three weeks in and I’m LOVING meal planning! Not only am I calmer and less stressed as meal times roll around, but I’m also saving money at the grocery store. I love having a plan! Granted, so far the meal plan still hasn’t gone exactly as planned, but that’s ok. I’m finding it’s easier to be flexible once I have a plan.

In other news, this is our last week before Hippie Chick and Sissy go back to school. As usual, I’m excited at the prospect of being able to accomplish more of my work during the day while they’re at school, but sad about them being gone all day. Ah, the emotional roller coaster of being a mom! I’m going to miss them. And, of course, I’ll probably cry again this year on the way home from dropping them off on the first day.

Next week, I will be packing the girls a lunch from home four out of five days. My husband and I compromised with the girls and are allowing them to choose one hot school lunch to eat each week. The rest will be packed from home using healthy ingredients and homemade alternatives to the unhealthy popular processed lunch items on the market for kids (including my kids favorite…Lunchables). I will be posting all the girls school lunches here for everyone to see at the end of each week. I know it always helps for me to see what others are doing to get some new ideas for lunches, so hopefully my sharing will help inspire someone too.

Breakfast ( My husband and kids don’t like to repeat breakfasts in the same week.)
Crockpot Oatmeal (recipe coming soon)
Yogurt parfaits
Breakfast burritos
Eggs, toast
Blueberry pancakes, bacon
Breakfast casserole, fruit

Dinner  leftovers
Mini Pizzas (I make my own pizza crust in my bread machine using a variation of this recipe from Heather @ Want What You Have. Thanks Heather!)
Tuna pasta salad, tomato wedges, fruit
Chicken Quesadillas (using leftover grilled chicken)

Grilled chicken, potatoes, green beans
Homemade pizza, green salad
Spaghetti & meatballs, green salad
Tilapia fish sticks (recipe coming soon), sweet potato fries, sweet peas
Chicken noodle soup w/ homemade noodles (recipe coming soon) *some of this will get frozen in individual sized containers for school lunches

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