Best Fruits for Diabetics

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A few months ago, I went to my doctor for my annual physical. I knew before I stepped foot in her office that we’d be having a very frank discussion about my weight. What I wasn’t expecting however, was for the results of my blood Keep Reading

Menu Plan Monday ~ August 18 – 24

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Ok, so week one of officially planning my menu was interesting to say the least. I realized that it really doesn’t work for us to plan to eat a certain meal on a specific night. So this week, I will be listing our Keep Reading

Menu Plan Monday ~ August 11 – 17

enchilada casserole

Every Monday, I will be posting my family’s meal plan for the upcoming week and including links to any online recipes I use. I truly believe that having a menu plan is one of the best ways to start improving health and also save a ton of money.These Keep Reading